people to grow

Dr. Sven Schütt, CEO:
We have bridged the gaps between all current learning segments like corporate, vocational and university education so that
everybody can
access education
to grow.


Because we strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to grow on their individual learning journey – with the fastest and easiest way to study by leveraging technology.
We ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed – regardless of their personal, professional or financial situation; regardless of nationality or background.

who we are

Founded in 2000 and with over 4,000 employees today, IU Group is Germany's largest university group with more than 130,000 students enrolled.
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As a private, state-recognised educational institution, we offer more than 250 bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes and around 600 upskilling offerings in German and English.
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Come join our journey: We would be excited to hear from you.
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